Sleepy Women

photograph, felt, varied sizes
private collection
Sleepy Women is a collection of images of sleeping women found in various advertisements for pillows. Each model's image was isolated from the ad, enlarged, printed, and mounted on archival foam core and lined with white felt.

I was intrigued by the images of these women who were photographed in full make up while pretending to sleep. There's an old saying that all women should get their beauty rest. Young girls are told this early on, at least they were in previous generations, underscoring that their looks and not their talent or work ethic is their most important asset. So much so that they should take extra care to maintain and better their appearance for the sake of their own success. According to various beauty websites, it is actually a bad habit to sleep while wearing makeup. Cosmetics can clog pores and cause blemishes, eliminating any gains from resting. But yet these women lay dreaming, lovely and not a hair out of place.